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Cooling Water Treatment system

Cooling Water treatment for an industrial application are as follows:
  • Once-through Cooling water system
  • Recirculating type with Cooling Towers (Natural Draft or Induced Draft)

In Industrial Cooling Towers (CTs) & Sea Water Once through cooling water, biofouling is a major concern as they can have a crippling effect on cooling water circuits. Bio films are layers of bacterial colonies, which form saccharide or ‘sugar’ linkages between these colonies. This results in the formation of a film or slime layer on the substrate or any surface in the water circuit.

They utilise nutrients and other microbes present in water to propagate and increase in thickness. Biofilms are the result of evolution by microorganisms to survive in fast moving streams of water. They use the linkages to strongly adhere to any surface or substrate. The structure of these biofilms is referred to as “Woven Matrix Colony”. This makes their removal a major challenge in CTs.

The matrix is basically water. The microbes are dispersed in this matrix of water. Biofilms are made up of 85 to 95% water. The temperature and free nutrient availability in cooling towers make them ideal for biofilm growth. The protection afforded to the microbes by the slime allows for rapid multiplication in the numbers of bacterial colonies – causing the biofilm to increase in thickness, and it results in various problems in the cooling circuit.

TERSUS® Chlorine-Di-Oxide is a perfect solution to the problems of water in a Coolign Water treatment for following reasons

  • Available as gas ClO2 dissolved in Water - Readily soluble
  • No-Hydrolysis at Alkaline water pH - Suitable CW system
  • No-Reaction with Ammonia - No Chloramines' formed
  • No-reaction with Oil & Grease - Less demand
  • Effective against SRB - No special treatment for SRB
  • Produced on-site, on-demand - No storage hazards
  • Almost NIL DBPs formation - No TTHM / HAA formation
  • Environmental friendly due to lower demand & No-THM
  • Less corrosive due to lower demand & intermittent dosing
  • Easy integration to the existing GCP / ECP plant
  • Effective Microbial control / anti-fouling treatment
  • TERSUS® PowerOx Safe technology