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Legionella Prevention

Waterborne pathogens are a threat to public health. Water systems in most buildings like for eg. Hotels, Hospitals, Housing Societies and Commercial buildings are colonized with microbes that can be sources of deadly infection. This can be a liability for the building owners and managers. Increased attention is being focused on water distribution and water hygiene systems. Legionnaires’ disease (LD), a preventable bacterial pneumonia, is the subject of strict legislation in Western Europe, Middle Eastern countries and in USA. The awareness on public health and water qualify is formore important and PURITA has accepted this challenge and is addressing the needs of public health by offering our most-compact portable and ready to use on-site chlorine dioxide generators, pre-cursor specialized chemicals and maintenance services.

Since the first recognized outbreak of LD in the United States at the 1976 American Legion Convention in Philadelphia, professional organizations and health officials have been prompted to implement guidelines for diagnosing and reporting the disease and monitoring the organism in water systems. The Legionella bacterium can be found in all waters, groundwater as well as fresh and marine surface waters. Water distribution systems can provide optimal conditions for the bacterium to thrive and multiply. All that is required is warmth and nutrients.

Sediment and biofilm found in water distribution systems provide the nutrients, and hot water systems provide warmth. The most Optimal growth conditions are 20 deg to 45 Deg C, well within the range of most distribution systems. The bigger and more complex a system is, the greater the risk for the growth of the bacterium due to the stagnant nature of vast parts of the system.

PURITA Offers following products and services as a part of Legionella Prevention and Control Program,

  • TERSUS® Cube Legionella Control - Chlorine Dioxide On-site generator
  • TERSUS® Port Legionella Control - Chlorine Dioxide On-site batch / portable generator
  • TERSUS® Special precursor chemicals (Chloractiv & Activator)
  • On-Line instrumentation for monitoring and control management
  • Operation and Maintenance Services
  • ZERO CAPITAL Investment - Special Operation and Maintenance scheme