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Online Chiller Cleaning System

Water cooloed Chillers are in most cases are large consumer of electricity and power consumption / running cost of chiller is always a cause of concern as it directly affect the cost of production. It is our endeavor to provide cost-effective and reliable solution to answer to steep rise in electricity bills and operating costs. Chillers are applied for wide range of applicaton of air conditioning systems for high-rise building such as Commercial Complexes, Shopping mall, Business centre, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals; and Large Department stores which accounts for nearly 40-60% for all electrical costs. Apart from the retail direct consumer, a large chunk of chiller and cooling applications are lnked to Industrial sectors for process cooling and chilling application.

It is important to know that chemical and biological fouling of concenser / absorber section of the water cooling chiller can decrease heat transfer efficiency by atleast 20-30% or even more, if not managed properly.

As Water cooled Chillers are attached to closed look cooling tower and due to ingress of impurities from apmospehere, the cooling water gets contaminated and further concenrated due to recircualting cooling water arrangement. These importies are precicipated and left on the surfaces of the heat exchanges tubes of condenser and absorber parts of the chiller. Moreover, bacteriological impurities are also growing created fouling condition. Over the period of time, these precipitated impurities forms a hard scale and mature biofilm which reduces the heat transfer coefficient. Thus, the water cooled chillers, if not maintained well with the regular chemicals treatment program for the cooling tower and as well as on-line tube cleaning system for these chiller, will evetuyally loose efficiency.

PURITA has developed through in-house resources a compact Chiller Cleaning System based on our vast experience of dealing with cooling water traetment in Power plant, Refineries and steel plants. Our OL-CCS are compact and consisting of; ball injector, ball collector, ball recirculating pump, strainer section, sponge balls.

Advantages of TERSUS® OL-CCS [Chiller Cleaning System]

  • Lower power consumption up to 30% at the chiller
  • Maintains constant heat transfer efficiency
  • Eliminates the need for costly manual cleaning
  • Avoid tubes scratching and damage from manual tube cleaning
  • Reduces condenser corrosion and pitting
  • Increases the chiller life
  • Reduces the huge volume of water from bleed off/saving water, and pollution
  • Reduces the use of chemical
  • Increases the unit availability
  • Reduces the chiller first cost
  • Environment Friendly