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We are a fast growing organisation with a presence and an illustrious list of client industries from diverse sectors of the economy.

Nurtured by an innovative tradition, we are positioned in the crucial areas of water and environment. Here, as a valued member of teams that work on projects that deploy a host of green technologies, you will be part of the worldwide efforts to create sustainable industry practices.

Ours is a respected brand, built on enduring themes of employee integrity, rich diversities of people, and their uniqueness as individuals and the unfolding human potential for surprising levels of performances. In the open, informal culture, that Purita offers and in the humane values that inspire its people and business ethos, you will find immense possibilities to learn, to grow and to find fulfilment. And with your contributions and fresh perspectives, add to the vibrancy of life at Purita.

Current openings are in field of Sales/Projects/Procurement etc.
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