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Water Intake System

PURITA is associated with world leading european brands for supplies and design-builds made-to-measure automated screening machines for the filtration of debris at sea water/river water intakes for thermal power plants (nuclear-, gas- and coal-fired power plants), desalination plants and industrial and potable water systems.

The aim is to protect pumps and other downstream equipment such as condenser tubes or desalination membranes from the carry-over of debris. More than 2,000 highly-sensitive plants worldwide (Greenfield and Brownfield) are equipped with our machines.

Open channel intake systems are primarily employed in cooling intakes of power stations and are usually located just in front of the power station, whereas passive or offshore intake systems are located further out at sea/in the river.

We propagate environmentally-friendly solutions which are used in both open surface water and submerged passive water intakes to deliver debris free water; for example, cooling water at power plants, process water at industrial sites, raw water at potable water plants, desalination plants and irrigation plants.

The customized design of our solutions allows for lowest operating and maintenance costs, while providing maximum reliability, performance, quality, precise design and particle-free water. At PURITA, we strive to offer most optimum professional and comprehensive support to minimize capital and operational costs and provide customized functionality.

We also offer effective cathodic corrosion protection systems (Sacrificial Anode method and Impressed Current cathodic protection (ICCP) technology from our european associate partner for longer lifetimes and corrosion resistance in sea water intake system.

Technologies offered for the
Water Intake System
Bar Screens (Coarse & Fine Screens)
Trash Rack with Manual / Auto Cleaning Meachinsm
Revolving Chain Screen (Fine Screening System)
Traveling Water Screen or Traveling Bank Screen (Centre Flow, Dual Flow & Through Flow designs)
Passive Intake Screening with Air-Backwash system
Cathodic Protection by Sacrifical Anode or Impress Current Technology
Isolating Equipments